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Shoes for sale

Not sure how many people are still around, but thought I'd give it a shot anyway.
Selling some shoes!!
Prices are negotiable. Cash please. Pick up can be made either around Lidcombe or CBD area.
If you open/drag the photos in a new tab, you can see their full sizes.

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Let me know if you have any questions!

Burning seed ticket for sale

I have a burning seed ticket for sale for $125. This is a first tier ticket, so it is $40 cheaper than it would be if you bought on off the website.

Burning seed this year is being held near Wagga Wagga and happens over the September/October long weekend.
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Castle building???

Somewhere around Redfern station there's a building that has a circular turret thing. Amazingly I've been going in and out on the train for years and only just noticed it. In my defence I do love the mortuary station and am usually looking for it.

So does anyone know what the castle is????

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Hey sydneysiders.
Where is a good place to find people to play music with?
I'm looking to make some new friends & jam buddies between 18-30, and possibly even start an accapella group, but I'm not sure where to start.
I have posted an add on gumtree, but most of the responses I've gotten are from much older people.

Thanks =]